Startup Assistance

Project Management, Precision Surveying, Scanning with Hovermap, and Control Network Correction.

Setting you up for success, or correcting your course

Mine startups are on the rise. Roughstock has years of experience helping mine operations get off on the right foot, setting you up for success. No matter the size of your mine, we can help those who do not have the resources to start and manage complete with design, scheduling and resource calculations. This includes setting up control networks with GPS, setting up underground control, and getting your team trained in modern surveying and mine engineering practices.  
If you don’t need such a hands-on approach, we are also available for management at a technical level as well.  

We can also come into your current operation and correct surveying errors, adjust your control network, and introduce new surveying technology that will help bring your operation into the 21st century.  Getting you back on the path to productivity!