Roughstock Mining Services

Mine Design & Management Services
Roughstock Mining is a mine consulting firm headquartered in Bozeman, Montana,  and has been serving mines worldwide since 2012. The Rough Stock Team has a variety of experience accumulated over years of progressive mining work in a wide variety of mining environments throughout the Western United States, Canada, and Mexico, and Africa. General Manager, Steve Cutler has experience ranging from grassroots exploration to underground mine management. With any project, our goal is to provide the highest-quality consulting services to both new and established underground mines.

High-quality mine design, consulting, and management.
Roughstock manages mines across the Western United States, Canada, Mexico and Africa. Our experience spans decades and ranges from grassroots exploration to large-scale underground mine management. In addition to management and design, Roughstock also acts as a resource for those who need 43-101 feasibility studies, mine startup assistance, ore resource modeling, ventilation modeling, DPM emissions modeling/management, precision surveying, hovermap scanning, and audit services — everything you need to start and extend the life of, and increase production from your mine.


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