Increase reserves and production

Roughstock Mining are experts in exploration and production geology, mining engineering design, and mine management necessary to manage and run a successful mine. Our team of professionals provide a high level of expertise to maximize project returns while respecting the economic, social, and environmental well-being of the community. Whether you have a new or existing underground mine, we can help you with a variety of mine management services, from start up, ongoing consultation, and mine audits. We specialize in underground mine design, which may include long hole mining, overhand or underhand cut and fill mining, or captive slusher mining.

Service Overview

Roughstock provides full-Service mine management for new or existing mines, audit services for existing mines to improve methods, designs or management as well as the technical staff augmentation for mines.
Goal 1Assisting clients to successfully put new underground mines into production.
Goal 2Assisting existing mines to become more cost effective and increase reserves and production through improvement to existing mining methods, and introducing new mining methods where appropriate.
Goal 3Help existing mines to extend the life of the mine, or to increase production.
Goal 4Augment the technical work force at properties that lack adequate technical staff.
Goal 5Assisting client to measure, model, and then manage DPM Emissions at their rapidly expanding underground operation.